Foundation Church is searching for its next Lead Pastor. This page is a resource for the Foundation Church family to receive updates and find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The Elders of Foundation Church are committed to regularly updating this page during the search process. If you don’t find an answer to your question or would like to speak with one of the Elders, please email

Family Updates


+ What’s next? What are we doing to fill the Lead Pastor role?

  • First and foremost, the Elders are praying in unity over the process and asking for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Elders are meeting regularly to identify what the Lead Pastor search process will look like. This includes developing requirements for the position, stating our theological requirements clearly, and making sure we move forward in an organized way that fits our church.
  • The process will be intentional. The Elder team is made up of 3 men who each have engineering and project management backgrounds. We recognize the process isn’t about speed, and shouldn’t involve a knee jerk response pushed along by concern to fill the position immediately.
  • The Elders love and care about the people of Foundation Church. We want to follow God’s leading and timing, and we care that the right candidate is selected for Foundation Church. Our mission, “to bring the whole Gospel to Everett, Snohomish County and to the ends of the earth” will not change. We’ll be looking for a Lead Pastor whose qualifications, personality, and character in both tangible and intangible ways, will be well aligned to our mission.

+ How long will the search process take?

Based on the experience of other churches, it could take 4-8 months or more. The process could be slow, but the Elders will earnestly seek God’s timing, Godly counsel, and guidance from other churches and pastors.

+ What outside counsel are the Elders receiving?

The Elders cannot do this on our own, we need help. Here are several ways the Elders are receiving outside counsel.

  • Pastor Ryan will stay involved to help with guidance and counsel.
  • Pastor David Fairchild from Trinity West Seattle church is providing counsel and will specifically help with the candidate assessment process.
  • The Sojourn Network will be providing a dedicated person to help. This person will be in regular contact with the Elders and will likely fly out to meet us in the next couple of months.
  • Several local pastors have offered their assistance in whatever ways they can help. We will seek out their experience and learn from them.

+ Where will we be going to look for Lead Pastor Candidates?

The Elders are doing research on best approaches for finding candidates. Some considerations are:

  • Using a Church Staff Recruiting firm (head hunter) - The feedback we’ve received is they are expensive and may not provide the best results.
  • Post the position on a Job Posting website (Sojourn sites, the Gospel Coalition’s site, and others) - This will likely be part of the process.
  • Ask our Sojourn Network and local area church networks for leads - The Elders recognize that many similar roles have been filled by churches seeking candidates in this way.

+ Who is responsible for finding a Lead Pastor replacement?

The Bible teaches us that the ultimate responsibility for finding and calling a Pastor is a responsibility for the Elders (Acts 6:1-6, Acts 14:23, 1 Timothy 5:17-22, 2 Timothy 2:2). However, we recognize the enormous task and time commitment that will be involved. The Elders will need help and will partner with several people of Foundation Church to help in the search process. There will be a “Search Committee” formed in the weeks and months ahead.

+ Will there be a “Search Committee”?

Yes, we will be forming a Search Committee. There will be more information in the weeks to come.

+ How do we stay connected/informed during this process?

The Elders will hold regular Family Updates. You can find dates for those upcoming meetings here - After each meeting, a video recording will be posted at For now, Family Update meetings will take place every other week. Depending on need, we may revalute frequency in July.

The Elders will prioritize time for you, the people of Foundation Church. If you would like to talk or have questions, please reach out to us. You can speak with us directly, or you can email with a request for a meeting.

+ How are we going to fill the pulpit during the search process?

By God’s grace, Foundation Church has 4 men who will serve the church by preaching God’s Word during the search process - Jeff Gwin, Shaun Pickering, Trevor Welch and Piko Neal. We will be preaching on a rotation each taking a turn every 6 weeks or so. This could change as needs arise. We’re also asking several local area Pastor friends to help us fill the remaining slots. Our goal is to have Foundation Church preachers regularly in the pulpit with the support of outside preachers.

+ Would we consider an Interim Pastor?

The Elders are open to bringing in an Interim Pastor. Our next step will be to check with our Sojourn Network partnership and other networks to see if someone may be able to fill that role.

+ How will the Sojourn Network help us during the search process?

The Sojourn Network leadership has been gracious and supportive to the Elders of Foundation Church as we embark on the search process. Here are some ways they are helping us.

  • They are actively praying for us.
  • A Sojourn Network Strategist will lead the effort to help us. The elders will have regular contact with him and he’ll likely come to visit us in the next couple of months.
  • They will help get the word out for potential candidates in the network.

+ How can everyone help?

  • Pray for God’s will. Pray for a posture of humility in the church. Pray for the Elders as we put together a framework for the search and begin taking next steps.
  • As you hear of needs in the church, respond “yes” if you are able.
  • Lean into Foundation Church. Keep serving if you can. If you see gaps, ask if you can fill them.