The Revelation of Jesus Christ


Over the last few months, I have gone back again and again to the book of Revelation. Not to try and crack some non-existent code or to work out when the next blood moon will herald the second coming of Christ, like so many people do, but for comfort and hope.

English preacher, Charles Spurgeon, says:

The aim of the book of Revelation is not to lead us to speculation but is meant for practical purposes. Things written concerning the future are not intended so much to gratify our curiosity as to stimulate our watchfulness. The main objective is to keep us constantly on the lookout.

This mysterious book should sharpen the people of God, not through a series of end times charts, but through an expectant waiting for the Day of Jesus Christ, when all things will be made new.

The hope, that is often made confusing and complicated, is stunningly simple:

“They will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God”– Rev 21:3

Keeping this in mind, we are free to rightly see all of Scripture, not just the book of Revelation, as a story of God -- the God who loves, cares, and is so deeply committed to his people, he will do anything to draw them into this simple, but beautiful relationship.

The first thing we see God do in the establishment of his Kingdom fully on the earth is to wipe away the tears from the eyes of his people and tell them everything will be okay forever (Rev 21:4).

I don’t see crazy theories, complexity, or difficulty here. Just a loving father holding his child, comforting and loving them. God desires to be the God of his people, not so he can get something from them like a needy person requires validation, but like one in whom fullness dwells and overflows in loving kindness from.

So, put on those glasses when you read your Bible. The glasses through which we read Scripture, especially the book of Revelation, must keep the victory of God through Jesus Christ in primary view.

After all, the Bible is the true story of the whole universe and the only one in which you can find fullness of life.


While the lizard brings us strife,

The Spirit brings us life,

And the blood of Christ brings good from every bite we might receive.


Time will prove Him as Victor,

Our lives a simple picture,

Of the Creators greatest story, redemption is achieved


 He our God, we his people. - Anon


In Christ,

Pastor Ryan