Do I Need Help In My Parenting?


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Many of us know we struggle in areas of how we parent, but are bombarded by so many different sources of information, some of it often conflicting, that the attitude at the end of the day is often, "everyone survived, so that's a win." But what if we had a solid, biblical foundation in how we parent that helped us look past surviving the day as the ultimate success? 

The Bible talks about children over 500 times in every different context imaginable. There is much we can learn about parenting from Scripture and even more to be learned about parenting from a single, childless, itinerant preacher from Nazareth. 

Yep, that’s right -- the one who can teach us the most about parenting is Jesus himself. The goal of our upcoming parenting conference is to focus on how the good news of Jesus can help us in our parenting journey.

We all need wisdom, and I think we could all agree that wisdom is good and needed in our lives. It is one of my most constant prayers because I know I do not possess it intrinsically, so it needs to come from the Lord.

Jesus, in his response to the followers of John the Baptist’s questions surrounding his messianic mission, closes by summarizing Proverbs 8 with this statement:

Wisdom is justified by all her children. - Luke 7:35

There is a direct correlation to living a wise life and the fruit of your home. Theologian J.R. Edwards says it this way, “fruit is a living witness to the nature of the tree that bears it." In our parenting, we cannot become so proud and cavalier to think we can parent our children into godly adults on our own. That would be foolish. The Bible tells us: 

Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future - Proverbs 19:20

We all need help and wise counsel when it comes to our parenting. With Jesus as the source of all wisdom, it makes sense that his life, death, burial, and resurrection would shape our instruction as parents.

If you are still on the fence about attending the parenting conference on April 29th, let me, in as pastoral a way as I can, encourage you to attend. There are many books, podcasts, and blogs you can go to for instruction, they are not bad, but they cannot fill the space that coming before a live speaker, sitting next to other parents, and opening the Bible together does. The impersonal learning that happens through cold mediums like pages and screens can be a less than helpful substitute for listening in-person to a godly pastor and leader who is a seasoned, trained parent and teacher on this subject.

I continually talk with parents who haven’t thought through their desires for their children and what type of legacy they want to leave. I encourage you to be wise and to redeem a Saturday that could be transformational in your family legacy.  

Wise parents think about the fruit of their lives, and see their children are either the fruit of their wisdom or their folly. Take the opportunity to be equipped, encouraged, and exhorted in wisdom as it relates to your parenting. 

More information can be found here

Sign-ups close at 11:59 pm this coming Sunday April 23rd. The cost is only $20 per person for the whole day including childcare, coffee, lunch, and first class teaching on parenting.

If finances are any issue, please e-mail and he can walk you through the scholarship process.

I look forward to seeing you on the 29th

God bless you,

Pastor Ryan