My Prayer for My City on a Tuesday



Today in Everett, Washington, a Tuesday in late August, Presidential candidate Donald Trump will come to town. Roads will close, people will line up with their tickets, protesters will gather. There will be fanfare, there will be strong emotion, there will be music, and there will be grand promises made.

One block away from the arena holding the candidate, 8,000 political supporters inside, and I assume, many hundreds of protesters outside, our church will be closed, our doors will be locked, and I will be at a community group BBQ with my family.

But, in the fading light and encroaching darkness of night, a small black cross will be lit up on the side of our building right outside my office window. On that sign shine the words: “Jesus Saves”.

For all of the chaos, the hope, and the promises of a return to the great days of the nation I live in and currently call my home, a small neon sign on a church tells a truth greater and a hope surer than any possible words that might be uttered in the arena one block away.

“Jesus Saves”

My Prayer:


You are the sovereign one,
You are the holy one,
You are the unchanging one;
You love me.
You love the lost.
You love this world.

You sent your son to suffer and die for our sin so that whoever believes in him would not perish but have eternal life.
The Gospel is this:
Jesus and Jesus alone can save.
Jesus and Jesus alone can provide hope; and

Jesus and Jesus alone can change lives.
Please, use the message, “Jesus Saves”, crudely illuminated in neon, to bring this good news of life to the hearts of those who see it.
In the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit,