The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Over the last few months, I have gone back again and again to the book of Revelation. Not to try and crack some non-existent code or to work out when the next blood moon will herald the second coming of Christ, like so many people do, but for comfort and hope.

English preacher, Charles Spurgeon, says:

The aim of the book of Revelation is not to lead us to speculation but is meant for practical purposes. Things written concerning the future are not intended so much to gratify our curiosity as to stimulate our watchfulness. The main objective is to keep us constantly on the lookout.

Walking Wisely

It’s a coyote-eat-chicken kind of world. My eldest son Jack learned this lesson about a year ago when, and you guessed it, a coyote ate one of our chickens. Now you might be thinking many different things right now: Why am I hearing a story about one of Pastor Ryan’s dead chickens? He must be struggling to come up with a blog post topic this week, or he must have really loved that chicken.

Let's Talk About Apathy Towards Church

The church in the West is known for many different, amazing things: its use of technology, its cultural contextualization, its wealth, its innovation, and so on. But it is also known for its failings: pragmatism, focus on charisma over character, and the general apathy of its people, are a few. Like all failings and shortfalls, there is always hope for redemption – especially when we talk about the beloved bride of Christ, the very body that has the promise of full reconciliation and the joy of being on the frontlines of God making all things new.

The Wildness of God

"Wild" is not an adjective we would generally use to describe God, but I think we make a mistake if we miss some of the beauty in understanding God as "wild". 

When I say, "wild",  I don’t mean wild like barren or unknowable, but I do mean unbreakable, uncontrollable, powerful, and untamable (Ps 115:3).

God has revealed himself to us. He has always desired relationship with humanity, and as such, redemptive history is quite simply a story of God desiring to dwell with his people. But generally, we tend to find ourselves focusing so much on God's desire to be in relationship with us, we forget his wildness. He has in many ways become a safe, sterilized, and benign god and friends that is no god at all. If we could control, manage, and never be surprised by the thing we worship, we would be very sad indeed.

Supporting One Another In Trial

By nature of being saved by Jesus, you have been made a part of his body, the Church. I truly believe that in every local church, God provided the parts of the body for it to function for the purpose in which he called it to. We are blessed at Foundation Church to be full of amazing people that make up our part of the body. Every week of church life is a testament to that: the volunteer teams, the servants, the godly way in which people care for and serve one another warms my heart. But every now and again, we are faced with a call to go over and above. Sometimes God brings into the life of the church an opportunity to show off his love through his people within the body that is the church.